A Living List of Resources for Immigrant Advocates

Updated information on active disasters, as well as where to get reliable information, preparedness, and immigrant impact.

An open-source google doc: get info, contribute resources, and ask questions so it has the info people need most.



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We are #AllInThisTogether
Direct financial assistance funds to Houston-area undocumented and immigrant neighbors.
Please donate directly, and share widely with your networks.

Increasing Disaster Equity

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Preparedness and Response

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  • Emergency Preparedness for Immigrants: workshop presentation in English or Spanish, to slice, dice, or lift in its entirety. Workshops should include at least one hour post-presentation to support participants in developing individual emergency plans and distributing emergency kits to  participating households.
  • Disaster Preparedness Videos, from The Alliance. Vietnamese, Spanish, French, Burmese, Lingala, Arabic, Pashto, and Dari.
  • AccessHOU.org: An open source database of social services for agencies working with immigrants in Greater Houston. During emergencies that HILSC responds to, AccessHOU will go into Emergency Mode — indicated by a yellow bar at the top of the page. In this mode, public edits will skip verification and go straight to the database. Please update changes in programs/services due to emergencies, and they will be confirmed post-emergency.
  • Immigrants Resource Hotline: find timely and accurate information about changing immigration policies, report discrimination and racial profiling, and locate referrals to legal service providers and immigrant rights organizers.

Data: Reports, White Papers, and Articles

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  • Imelda FAQ: answers to common questions from immigrant clients.