Racial Identity and the Souls of Black Folk

Houston, TX

More than 35 years out of bondage, African Americans struggled to find their place in American society. While some recognition of civil equality occurred, there were still elements of American society more comfortable with the antebellum status of Blacks as chattel property. WEB DuBois’ collection of essays found in The Souls of Black Folk illustrates […]

Immigrant Legal Service Fund

BakerRipley Harbach Campus 6225 Northdale St., Houston, TX

Come join us and learn more about how you and your family could benefit from the Immigrant Legal Service Fund. Please join us this Saturday to learn about the Immigrant Legal Defense Fund and the Enhanced Library Card as well as how to get involved in local advocacy efforts. We hope to see you there! […]


“Charlas” de Inmigración – ESPAÑOL @ Catholic Charities

Houston, TX

* Tenga en cuenta: Consultas son con cita solamente por teléfono o Zoom durante la pandemia. Llame al (713) 595-4100 para asistencia. Charlas son sesiones de información gratis explicando leyes de inmigración. Después de la charla pueden tener una consulta gratis con un abogado de inmigración o un representante acreditado. Charlas se ofrecen en inglés […]

19th Annual Immigration Law and Policy Conference

Houston, TX

This year's Immigration Law and Policy Conference organized by MPI, Catholic Legal Immigration Network, Inc., and the Georgetown University Law Center, will be a hybrid event on September 20, transmitted online for virtual audiences and open to a select number of in-person attendees in Washington, DC. The conference will feature fresh, thoughtful policy and legal […]

Unpacking Immigration Cases Before the Supreme Court

Houston, TX

The Supreme Court has had a busy year, with several of its decisions affecting immigration. What are the implications of the court's decisions—and what comes next? Join the American Immigration Council and the Center for Immigration Law and Policy at the UCLA School of Law for a webinar on recent and upcoming Supreme Court decisions […]

Procedural Issues and Form Completion; New Evidence

Houston, TX

This is the third webinar in the four-part series, “Dealing With Denials.” The focus of webinar three is on the mechanics of filing an appeal or motion to reopen or reconsider with USCIS. We will examine the I-290B and N-336 used to appeal different USCIS decisions and discuss when and how supplemental documents can be […]

Public Charge for Immigration Practitioners

Houston, TX

The Biden administration announced a new public charge rule on September 9, 2022, set to go into effect at the end of this year. Join us to learn more about what the new rule says and the main takeaways for advising clients. We will compare the new rule to existing guidance, highlight differences, and discuss […]


Objections in Immigration Court: Techniques & Best Practices

The Council on Recovery, The McCullough Lecture Hall 303 Jackson Hill Street, Houston, TX

Knowing how to object is crucial to effectively representing your client in immigration court. Objections help to protect witnesses, promote fair proceedings, and preserve the record for appeal. This interactive training will focus on techniques and strategies for objecting to inappropriate questioning and the admission of certain evidence, responding to objections raised by DHS, and […]


ESL Orientation (Virtual) @ Chinese Community Center

Attend this information session to learn more about Chinese Community Center's 8 – 10 week morning and afternoon English program. ESL Orientation is offered every 2nd and 4th Wednesday of each month from 2 – 3 pm in Room 266. For more information, please contact ael@ccchouston.org at (713) 271-6100, ext. 100 ccchouston.org/esl

Making Your Argument: Writing a Supporting Cover Letter or Appeal Brief

Houston, TX

This is the last webinar in the four-part series, “Dealing With Denials.” Webinar four is all about research and writing — the skills component of appeals and motions that may seem the most challenging to undertake. Presenters will review how to identify legal authority to support your argument, as well as basic writing tips to help you: […]