Building an Asylum Claim

Houston, TX, United States

This webinar, intended for practitioners who are new to asylum practice, will introduce the basic elements of building an asylum claim. In addition to these elements, including well-founded fear of […]

Tahirih Pro Bono Network Virtual Open House

Houston, TX, United States

You are invited to join Tahirih team members for a virtual open house! Please join us to learn about Tahirih, the work that we do, and to learn about what […]

Emerging Strategies for Prolonged Detention

Houston, TX, United States

This webinar is geared toward those who have some bond experience and would like to take a deeper dive into the law. In this webinar, we will focus on emerging […]

Parole in Immigration

Houston, TX, United States

The parole authority is broad, and the government has exercised this parole power in different ways to address different groups of people—allowing some entry, some return, and some simply to […]

Healing Art Circle

Houston, TX, United States

Explore emotions and responses to current events in a safe environment utilizing art therapy exercises for the healing of racism. * To RSVP, email Helen Spaw at For more information…

Common Scenarios and Strategies for Dealing with Hostile & Problematic IJs

The Council on Recovery, The McCullough Lecture Hall 303 Jackson Hill Street, Houston, TX, United States

In this intermediate-level training, we will discuss how to deal with common scenarios involving hostile and problematic immigration judges (IJs), including setting unreasonable deadlines, refusal to hear witness testimony, and […]

Resilience and Self-Care Are Not Enough

Center for the Healing of Racism 3412 Crawford Street (at Holman), Houston, TX, United States

Are you struggling? Become more resilient. Exhausted? Practice better self-care. Sound familiar? What if resilience and self-care aren’t enough? What if our exhaustion is not the result of our (wrong) […]

The Effects of Absences on Naturalization

Houston, TX, United States

This webinar will examine the different ways that absences from the United States can affect naturalization eligibility. Using examples, the presenters will walk through the continuous residence and physical presence […]

Working Through Vicarious Trauma With Self-Care Strategies

Houston, TX, United States

This webinar provides information and insight about how to identify and work through vicarious trauma and work-related stress using practical self-care strategies. This webinar will cover: What is vicarious trauma? […]

Hot Topics in Asylum Law

Houston, TX, United States

This webinar is intended for practitioners already familiar with asylum law and will focus on the most recent developments in asylum practice. The current landscape of asylum law has been […]