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Duties / Responsibilities:

  • Conduct in person and virtual group orientations (also referred to as “know-your-rights” presentations) at the Houston Contract Detention Facility, Montgomery Processing Center, Joe Corley Detention Facility (Conroe, TX), and the IAH Secure Detention Facility (Livingston, TX).
  • Provide individual orientations to unrepresented detainees after the know-your-rights presentations.
  • Provide substantive pro se workshops for unrepresented detainees.
  • Ensure contract compliance including regular data and narrative reporting to the funder.
  • Participate in regular peer and supervisor review meetings and legal trainings.
  • Perform all other duties as needed and/or as directed by Supervisor including airport pickup of newly arrived refugees and food pantry distribution.
  • Report suspicious and inappropriate behaviors and policy violations.
  • Follow mandated abuse and incident reporting requirements.
  • Meet timelines and deadlines related to supporting systems and employee compliance. Example includes but are not limited to Kronos Workforce Ready for review and approval of time sheets.

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To apply for this job please visit secure6.saashr.com.