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What you Deliver:

  • You will provide direct representation to immigrant clients before the USCIS, Asylum Office or Immigration Court as well as state courts on a range of immigration matters, including affirmative asylum and removal defense. Direct representation encompasses the following tasks: conduct legal intake and screening; interview clients, affiants, witness, experts, case managers, and others who can provide information or statement in furtherance of the principal client’s immigration matters; draft, prepare and assemble relevant immigration petitions; conduct legal research; write memoranda of law, motions or briefs in support of applications and petitions filed before USCIS, Asylum office, State, Immigration and Federal Courts, board of Immigration Appeals, Administrative Appeals Office, EOIR and other immigration agencies; prepare client for interviews and court hearings.

  • You will maintain client physical and electronic files according to program requirements, including case notes, correspondence, filings, calendars, and dockets. Maintain a case status list and case service statistics for Cabrini Center and program funders. Participate in case reviews with attorney staff and support staff, and/or Managing Attorney/Legal Director, as applicable. Maintain a minimum of 30-40 active cases.

  • You will attended and participation in mandatory unit and Cabrini staff meetings, and other agency meetings. Participate on calls and meetings organized by funders, city-wide advocacy groups, local service providers and national support centers when appropriate and helpful.

  • You will comply with all contract requirements. Provide data and statistical information for grant, contract and other reporting purposes. Provide accurate and timely monthly data, time logs, and reports for internal use, funder use, and other entity use. Participate in trainings, meetings, calls, etc. as required by funders or to serve program needs.

  • You will participate in charlas by presenting and performing legal consultations. Participate in program and agency community legal education and outreach efforts, particularly as they relate to issues of immigration law, providing direct information to prospective clients, attending information sessions on asylum, deportation and other immigration relief, and conduct legal workshops and engage pro bono counsel in the provision of legal services.

  • You will provide day-to-day leadership for the legal team comprising staff attorneys, law fellows, paralegals, administrative clerks, and interns under the supervision and mentorship of the Senior Attorney. Leadership includes but is not limited to mentoring and training team members, monitor and provide detailed review of assigned team members’ cases and files, oversee data and reporting for team members and provide written progress notes for team members being mentored. 

  • You will develop expertise in general immigration law, including but not limited to family petitions, adjustment of status, waivers of inadmissibility, naturalization, DACA, Temporary Protected Status, removal defense, and other immigration relief.

  • You will identify policy issues and coordinate with other units within Cabrini Center and the immigration bar in advancing advocacy agenda to promote immigrant rights.

  • You work with Cabrini leadership to evaluate program efficacy and engage in priority setting in line with community needs. Evaluate program efficacy and engage in priority setting in line with client and funder needs.

  • You will perform other duties as assigned.

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