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Position Overview

The Legal and Advocacy Director (“the Director”) provides leadership in the HILSC network to champion immigrant rights and bring about racial justice. This is a full-time permanent position. Reporting to the Executive Director, the Director provides strategic leadership in building and sustaining the immigration legal services capacity to serve low-to-moderate-income immigrants in Greater Houston. Working in partnership with immigration legal services providers, social services, and community-based organizations, the Director helps identify trends, opportunities, and needs to set advocacy agenda, coordinate with local, regional, and national immigrant advocacy groups, and grow resources to build legal services capacity to respond to changing immigration policies and practice. The Director also oversees the implementation of the HILSC Immigrant Resource Hotline, which serves as a gateway for immigrants seeking resources and referrals, as well as a mechanism to evaluate emerging needs.

Principal Duties and Responsibilities

Providing strategic leadership in building and sustaining Greater Houston immigration legal services capacity.

  • Strategic leadership – provides strategic analysis of trends and developments in immigration policies and practices; develops legal analysis and practice guidance for the HILSC network and the public; engages with regional and national immigration experts to coordinate advocacy agenda, legal strategies, and share best practice.
  • Resource development – works in collaboration with immigration legal services providers, community-based organizations and coalitions, private funders, and public officials to increase funding to sustain and expand immigration legal services capacity, as well as organizes training and professional development opportunities to augment the skills of practitioners to serve low-income immigrants in Greater Houston.
  • Convening – convenes and facilitates working groups for immigration practitioners to share resources and best practices to advance immigrant justice.
  • Liaison – serves as liaison with the American Immigration Lawyer Association – Houston chapter to facilitate interaction between the practitioners and the government sectors such as the Executive Office for Immigration Review (EOIR), Department of Homeland Security, the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), and the Houston Asylum Office to ensure open channels of communication to advance immigrants’ rights.
  • Advocacy – in collaboration with HILSC partners, serves as spokesperson and advocate on immigration issues at meetings with government officials, other service providers, community leaders, immigration attorneys, the State Bar, the private Bar, and the media.
  • Collaboration – collaborates with other HILSC staff and partners in setting priorities, developing programs, and launching initiatives to advance the mission and vision of HILSC.
  • Evaluation – engages in program evaluation and monitoring to identify quality improvement opportunities.
  • Performs other duties as assigned by the Executive Director.

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