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What you Deliver:

  • You will work with the Directors of the Cabrini Center to develop a strategic vision for the Cabrini Center to meet emerging needs, to respond to changes in immigration policies and procedures and to engage in litigation and/or advocacy to protect and advance the rights of clients and their families.

  • You will supervise program teams on the provision of legal services, provide regular individual and team meetings to review and assign cases, assess caseload, design and provide substantive legal and lawyering skills training to support the professional development needs of the staff and maintain high quality of service delivery to the client population.

  • You will provide overall case management development and supervision, provide substantive legal supervision to program teams to assist with development of case strategy, prepare for interviews, hearings and trials; and prepare and support legal staff to represent clients before USCIS Service Centers, Houston Field Office, AAO, and Asylum Office; the BIA and EOIR for court hearings. Coordinate and supervise limited legal services and/or support services programs to ensure high quality service provision.

  • You will provide high quality legal representation to individuals and families before USCIS, the Asylum Office, state court, Immigration Court, the Administrative Appeals office, and/or Board of Immigration Appeals as necessary on a broad range of immigration matters. Legal representation encompasses all steps necessary to competently represent a client in their claim, which may include but is not limited to holding client meetings, engaging in legal research and drafting, timely filing all relevant documents, preparing clients for interviews and hearings, and appearing at interviews and hearings before the relevant agencies.

  • You will assist with hiring and onboarding new staff, develop job descriptions and work plans for program and teams, maintain open communication with staff to ensure that they are meeting expectations, and conduct periodic performance appraisals according to agency policies.

  • You will develop and maintain collaboration among all programs within the Cabrini Center to ensure comprehensive, cohesive legal services for the Houston Area immigrant and refugee community, foster collaboration with other legal service providers and advocacy groups locally, regionally, and nationally to improve immigrants’ access to services and to protect and advance immigrant rights.

  • You will analyze data and statistical information for grant, contract, and other reporting purposes. Ensure that monthly data, time logs, and reports (for internal use and for funders) are completed timely and accurately. Assist in completing monthly reports submitted to funders, the agency, or other entities. Participate in trainings, meetings, calls, etc. as required by funders. Provide oversight to ensure that staff are complying with contract requirements.

  • You will participate in the planning and delivery of continuing legal education events to expand legal resources for the immigrant community; participate in and assist in development of Charlas; program and agency community education and outreach efforts to improve immigrants’ access to legal services and information about their rights.

  • You will convene and participate in team meetings, supervisor meetings, Cabrini staff meetings, and other agency meetings. Participate in calls and meetings organized by funders, city-wide advocacy groups, collaborating agencies and local service providers when appropriate and helpful.

  • You will perform other duties as assigned by the Associate Legal Director and Legal Director, such as assisting and training staff in legal and regulatory changes, participating in coalition activities, participating in staff retreats, United Way activities, agency fairs and speaking engagements, assisting with special organizational projects/events, and any other duties as assigned.

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