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What you Deliver:

  • You will prepare and conduct “Know Your Rights” presentation with Vera-approved script to newly arrived unaccompanied minors in ORR shelters.

  • You will conduct legal screenings on newly arrived unaccompanied minors, identify potential legal relief in consultation with attorneys or Accredited Representative, maintain updated information on Vera database and Cabrini client database.

  • You will compile client files for detained dockets, contact court administrative staff to update the list of minors on upcoming dockets, prepare docket list for attorneys or Accredited Representative appearing on detained dockets and other tasks to adequately prepare for Cabrini Center’s appearance on detained dockets.

  • You will assist attorneys and Accredited Representatives in conducting follow-up client interviews to collect information to help discern eligibility for immigration relief, prepare and update client case files and client databases, collect, compile, and organize supporting documents for client cases, translate documents between Spanish and English, and draft, prepare and file correspondence and pleadings under the direction of attorneys or Accredited Representatives

  • You will assist in preparing clients for court hearing and USCIS interviews, perform interpretations at USCIS, asylum office, and other interviews

  • You will maintain case information on case management systems (such as LLX, attorney spreadsheets), update attorney calendars on cases, maintain, organize, and update case flies of clients

  • You will perform case management tasks on clients’ cases and records, including file progress notes, correspondence, calendars, and dockets

  • You will maintain case management database, generate statistical report, correct data entry to provide an accurate database on client information, case processes and caseload information

  • You will attended and participation is mandatory in team meetings, Cabrini staff meetings, and other agency meetings

  • You will participate in calls and meetings organized by funders, city-wide advocacy groups, and local service providers when appropriate and helpful

  • You will comply with all contract requirements

  • You will provide data and statistical information for grant, contract, and other reporting purposes

  • You will provide accurate and timely monthly data, time logs, and reports for internal use, funder, and other entity use

  • You will participate In trainings, webinars, meetings, calls, etc., as required by funders

  • You will participate in community outreach and legal education activities, including Charla and other community events, prepare community legal education materials on immigration issues

  • You will perform other duties as assigned by the legal Director and Managing Attorneys such as assisting with in-house meetings and trainings, coordinate with community partners, engage in coalition activities, participate in staff and agency retreats, assist with special events

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