Website Workers Defense Project

This Role in Action:

  • Supervising the provision of legal services in WDP’s Houston office by offering legal advice, referrals, pro se support, and direct representation to WDP members in strategic employment cases;
  • Conducting legal research and writing to support WDP’s programs, campaigns, and operations; preparing resources and training staff;
  • Coordinating with WDP staff to design and manage campaigns aimed at raising construction industry standards and expanding participation in the Better Builder® Program through legal and community-based strategies that support the leadership development of WDP members and advance WDP’s organizing and outreach efforts;
  • Providing training sessions to WDP members and community allies on workers rights; designing and updating know-your-rights materials in both English and Spanish;
  • Developing and maintaining strong working relationships with attorneys, government agencies, and other community organizations;
  • Recruiting, training, and supervising interns, law students, and volunteers; and
  • Representing WDP in meetings with community partners, elected officials, funders, and the media, as needed.

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