The Houston Immigration Legal Services Collaboration (HILSC) and member organizations (Tahirih Justice Center, Justice for Our Neighbors, the Children’s Immigration Law Academy), along with Rosalie Hyde, LCSW (Houston Galveston Trauma Institute) invite you to review the forensic evaluations webinar series: “Mental Health Evaluations for Immigrant Clients: From Your First Interview to the Merits Hearing.”

A high-quality forensic evaluation is often the difference between winning and losing an immigration case. Immigration legal services providers and mental health experts must work closely together to address clients’ trauma so they can advocate for themselves in the complex immigration system. This series aims to train attorneys and clinicians on best practices for completing and using mental health evaluations. Topics include: how to effectively work with mental health evaluators by learning trauma-informed lawyering, how to set up a forensic evaluation, clinical licensure requirements for forensic evaluations, the role of the forensic evaluation in your case, what is included in a mental health evaluation, preparing for expert testimony, and special considerations for working with child clients.